Connecting to Gophish

Connections to Gophish are established by creating an instance of gophish.Gophish().

By default, the API client will try connecting to the host at http://localhost:3333.

Changing the Host

To change the host, simply set the host parameter to point to the admin interface on your Gophish instance:

from gophish import Gophish

api = Gophish(API_KEY, host='http://admin_server')

Ignoring SSL Certificates

All custom kwargs are sent to the underlying transport, which by default is the requests library.

This means it's easy to customize client behavior. For example, if you are using self-signed certificates with Gophish, you can ignore the warnings by setting verify=False.

from gophish import Gophish

api = Gophish(API_KEY, host='https://admin_server', verify=False)

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