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Community Guides

****Simulated Phishing Educational Guide ****Author: LarryGrim

****Practical Phishing with Gophish Author: Jim Lamb

****Conducting USB Drop Tests With GoPhish Author: Chris Merkel

****Building Powerful Automation Flows in Gophish ****Author: Daniel Wellington Technologies

****How we brought security awareness through the company with automation of open source tools ****Author: Daniel Wellington Technologies


****GoReport ****Author: Chris Maddalena A Python script to collect campaign data from Gophish and generate a report

****Phishbuckets ****Author: snori74 Command-line scripts to manage phishing campaigns with API calls to a Gophish server

****Lure ****Author: Jayme (highmeh) Lure assists in phishing target collection by pulling and parsing email addresses for a target organization. The results are normalized into a format recognized by Gophish, and then uploaded to the server.

****GoLDAP ****Author: Mohammed AlHowsa A Python script that imports users from active directory to Gophish.

****Phish Paste ****Author: Glenn Wilkinson Phish Paste is a tiny utility to copy templates, pages, and sending profiles between different Gophish user accounts.

****DW GoPhish Reporter ****Author: Daniel Wellington Technologies This plugin makes it easy to report phishing for endusers. It will report using the native report function in gophish if it is a gophish phishing mail, if not it will capture all headers and content and send it to a mail defined where a security team can take a closer look

****DW Gophish Automation ****Author: Daniel Wellington Technologies This project is intended to automate the procedure internal phishing campaigns via Gophish as well as avoiding the GoPhish URL being flagged by google safebrowsing. The idea is to run it completely by itself by scheduling the scripts to run in the prefered manner.

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