Gophish lets you manage groups of users targeted in campaigns.

Creating Groups

You will see the following dialog appear:

To add a group, you need to specify a unique group name, as well as at least one recipient.

Adding Users to the Group

You can add the users to the group in two ways:

Manually Adding Users

To add users manually, fill in the text boxes for "First Name", "Last Name", "Email", and "Position" and click the "Add" button.

Bulk Uploading Users

Adding users manually can be a pain. To fix this, Gophish lets you upload users in bulk from a CSV file.

The CSV format gophish expects has the following header values:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Position

To upload a CSV with user information, click the "Bulk Import Users" button and select the CSV you want to upload. Users are then uploaded and displayed in the dialog.

To save the group, click "Save changes".

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