Changing User Settings

Registering a New User

By navigating to your_site/register you can register a new user:

Gophish Register Screenshot

Logging in

When you first launch gophish, you will be taken to the login page. The default credentials are admin:gophish. Once logged in, it's encouraged to change your password.

Changing Your Password & Updating Settings

By clicking the "Settings" tab, you will navigate to the settings page. This page allows you to change your password, as well as update your API key.

Gophish Settings Page

To change your password, simply submit your current password, as well as the new password you would like to use, and click "Save". Any errors will be indicated on the page.

This page also provides the ability to reset your API key, which is strongly recommended when logging in for the first time. To reset your API key, simply click the "Reset" button next to the existing API key.

You might need to refresh the page before continuing to use gophish. This should be fixed soon.